New Chances for the Variety of Species

The rainforests of Central America are among the areas with the broadest variety of species worldwide. They are the origin of and habitat for many species that cannot be found at any other place on the globe, including the last Central American Squirrel Monkeys.


The forest is vanishing dramatically. Together with the forest, natural treasures and potentials will irreparably disappear. Animals and plants that may contain rare and costly substances for medical purposes and an inconceivable variety of forms that in its entirety create an overall balance stabilizing the habitats as well as the climate.

The loss of the forests on the Central American landbridge has far reaching consequences as inevitable overwinter areas as well as important corridors for migrating birds are affected. Also, the area offered unique zones where animals and plants from the north could mix and exchange with species from the south.

Saimiri Wildlife employs scientific expertise to save and to plant new  rainforest in Central America. In cooperation with local and international institutions and with the assistance of local people, areas will be professionally prepared to help the rainforest regenerate.

Simply the best an Euro could become: 1 square meter of rainforest

Support rainforest regeneration now. Every Euro you give stands for a new square meter of rainforest that will help safe the monkeys environment and our climate.



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