More than a thousand words can say…

…one picture can say it all. The variety and beauty of the wildlife of Central America are difficult to put in words. One look, and you can see what we are going to lose in case nothing happens. So, please support the professional protection of species and the afforesting activities undertaken by Saimiri Wildlife. This way you can help keep alive what the images are trying to show: Nature of unsurpassed beauty.

Here is the way to the gallery. Pictures are organized as follows: Cloud forest, lowland rain forest and mangrove & coastal areas. Just chose one topic and open up the gallery by clicking. More pictures, e.g. dart frogs or wild cats can be found under educational.

All images on this page are protected by copyright. For more details please, contact saimiri@saimiri. org

  • Wie können Bäume brennen ohne zu verbrennen?
  • Welche Katze jagt in den Baumkronen?
  • Warum sind giftige Tiere bunt?
  • Fressen Vogelspinnen Vögel?
  • Wieviel Kohlendioxid bindet 1 ha Wald?
  • Was sind Lianen?
  • Wieso töten manche Giftpflanzen erst nach Jahren?