How good ideas become reality

Saimiri Wildlife offers a variety of solutions for companies, institutions and private individuals that want to support the environment with outstanding projects. Benefit from our experience when it comes to protect the environment and the climate by realizing your ideas together with a professional partner. The protection of the natural environment is a worthwhile investment! The protection and the reconstruction of natural habitats are not only important for the animals and plants, we all can benefit from a healthy environment. By the way: Our projects will be independently certified. Our competence means safety for you and your investment.

Achievements for a living space

• At your request, we will plant

   as many trees as necessary to neutralize

   your emissions. It does not matter wether

   the emissions were caused by a holiday trip,

   the annual energy consumption of your

   home or by an industrial production


• With one single investment you can become

   climatically neutral for up to 10 years.

• We cooperate with local partners that are

   directly involved in our projects.

• We will be pleased to

   develop an individual project with you

   to meet all that you request perfectly.


  • Wie können Bäume brennen ohne zu verbrennen?
  • Welche Katze jagt in den Baumkronen?
  • Warum sind giftige Tiere bunt?
  • Fressen Vogelspinnen Vögel?
  • Wieviel Kohlendioxid bindet 1 ha Wald?
  • Was sind Lianen?
  • Wieso töten manche Giftpflanzen erst nach Jahren?